Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gambling News From Blogs

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Online Jackpot

Two online jackpots hit in 2 hours? Online? Where everything is controlled?
Someone's going to get fired :)


Gambling is Entertaining

Gambling is entertaining. Of course it is. Or else nobody would get hooked.


Fed Up with Gambler Son

I guess enough is enough. Parents out there can only take so much. Kids cannot continue to depend on their rich parents and just party and gamble all that money away. Eventually, they'll have to pay.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gambling Warnings

Cigarettes have health warnings. Gambling is considering wealth warnings.


FIFA: Anti-Gambling

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has launched an anti-gambling campaign in th lead up to the World Cup


Monday, April 24, 2006

Toronto Concerned

About time.. took ya long enough


Paris Hilton

Gets worse and worse... now she's going heads-up just to win her car back


Chinese Football

The Asian Football Federation is telling the Chinese FA to crub illegal gambling to ensure the credibility of the league and national team.


Thinking Gambler

With the popularity of poker rising the gambler cannot simply go on guts and glory anymore. The Gambler must be a patient, methotical and thinking man.


Wheel of Fortune Jackpot

New National record as this slot machine has hit a jackpot of 11.5 million


Friday, April 21, 2006

OnLine Majong

Online Mahjong

Found a nice mahjong place to play online for free or for real.

nice place but not enough players. come on in if interesting to get the place going.

Gambling in England? Nw Way

Is this a revelation? The Brits will gamble on 2 cockroaches racing across the street

A Nation of Gamblers? You Bet

Gambling Debts

Lets see here a heavy gambler with a wife and 2 girlfriends!?
No wonder he lost it all!

Murder convict loses appeal

Church Protests Casinos

Gambling and Religion... I guess they dont go together. You build a casino, the church will be the first to protest at your doorstep.

Casino proposals spark holy row

Portugese Profits

No Surprise Here. Portuguese casinos turning a profit.

Casino revenues in Portugal rise 10 pct in first quarter

Gambling: John Terry

Now it's Chelsea and England defender John Terry's turn to fight back gambling allegations. This cant be good for England's build-up to the world cup with many players such as Owen, Rooney and now Terry involved in gambling stories.

Terry: I don't have a gambling problem

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Teens: The Invisible Disease

Teens are increasingly caught in gambling habits and they dont even know it. Sports, Poker, anything.. the clientelle is getting younger and younger

Gambling: The 'Silent' Addiction Among Teens

Gambling: Vietnamese Government

So much for communism and we are all 'equal'. More stories about the corrupt Vietnamese government and how much money they actually have and how much they are willing to bet away on football.

VN Communist Party 'Totally' Corrupt

Vietnam loses aid funding worth £4m on football bets

World Cup Betting

Amusing article. Idiot's Guide to bettting. Some of the tips actually arent bad

How To Bet Without Losing Your Shirt

Winning 10 mill

A lady won big on the nickel slots in Atlantic City. you notice this never happens to young 20 year olds.. only old people? :)

84-year-old South Jersey woman hits the nickel slots for $10 million

Paris Hilton Gambling

Duh. No surprise here. Paris Hilton with all her riches has entered the gambling circle. Being the airhead that she is, don't be surprised if you hear of her downfall very soon. First sign of trouble, she's been banned from her own casino.

Paris Hilton Has Gambling Addiction?

Paris Hilton Banned From Casino Named After Her

South African Gambling Fad

Just like anything gambling is a fad. If a bunch of new people start gambling, some will get really addicted and the rest will think it's stupid and quit right away.

Fewer South Africans Gambling

Are TV Shows a Form of Gambling?

When you watch a show such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune or Deal or No Deal, is it just the same as watching tournament poker?

Are Tv Game Shows Just Gambling in Disguise?